Different parts of the world are embracing eco-living as the new, ideal standard, which is why homeowners are doing their part by going for greener alternatives from investing in solar panels, composting, using LED bulbs, to testing their green thumbs by using plants as the latest decorative trends. 

These are some of the ways people make their homes eco-friendly but don’t forget that even your flooring can have a positive impact on the environment. Gone are the days when recycled materials were bland, breakable, and boring – in recent years, there are plenty of stunning yet sustainable flooring options that can look as stylish as it is sustainable. 

Concrete Flooring 

When people think of eco-friendly materials, most would think of options sourced from a mish-mash of recycled items, but the end result isn’t too far from your typical options. Concrete, for example, is steadily rising as a popular flooring for modern, industrial homes.

It’s an unlikely sustainable option that looks stunning and luxurious, but the best part is that it is durably made from readily abundant natural materials such as rocks, sand, gravel, and water. Not only is its production one of the most sustainable in the industry, but it can contribute to your energy-savings since it can regulate your interior temperatures. 

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring or Sustainably Harvested Hardwood 

For classic homes that love the earthy yet understated elegance of wood, reclaimed wood fits the bill for the environment’s ‘three R policy’: reduce, reuse, recycle. For one, reclaimed hardwood comes directly from materials pre-loved from old houses and barns. Moreover, most reclaimed wood is locally sourced in the USA, so you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint as a whole all while showing your support for timber merchants within your community. 

If you can’t find reclaimed hardwood within your area, you can always go for a hardwood brand that follows the Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures you’ll be buying brand new flooring that comes from a properly managed forest, which means all trees cut down are strictly regulated. 

Natural Stone Tile Flooring 

Nothing beats the sophistication and low-maintenance of natural stone tiles, but more than unprecedented beauty, choosing natural stone tiles is a great way to help the environment. Just be sure to choose a locally sourced stone to ensure you don’t increase your carbon footprint when it comes to transporting the materials to your doorstep.

The Bottom Line: Turning Your Home Green from Floor-to-Ceiling 

The choices people make can have a long-lasting impact on the world, even if it’s something easy to overlook such as your home’s flooring. For eco-conscious homeowners who are looking to do their part to do good by Mother Nature, then going for sustainable flooring can skyrocket your home’s visual appeal all while minimizing its carbon footprint. 

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