Tips for Making Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Making your bathroom look as luxurious as possible is what every homeowner wants. While that may need some effort to do, you don’t actually need a big decorating budget to pull it off. A bathroom remodel need not be expensive as long as you know how to ‘fake’ the fancy without spending as much money [...]

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Walk in Showers 101: What to Know before Installing

If your daily schedule prevents you from luxuriating in long baths, you might want to replace your tub with a walk-in shower. If you have an eco-conscious or sustainable lifestyle, the latter is also the better option—a five-minute shower uses up approximately half the amount of water an adult uses in a full bath. Before [...]

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Why You Should Considering Installing Vinyl Tiles on Your Living Room Floors

Vinyl tiles are one of the most sturdy, sleek, and cost-saving solutions contractors and room designers recommend. It is a material that comes with many perks, which is why it is a favorite in bedrooms and living rooms. If you’re looking to change things up in your living room, one great way to do that [...]

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3 Reasons to Consider Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic art is an ancient art form, which dates back thousands of years. Apart from its undeniably aesthetically pleasing visuals, mosaic art reflects history and culture. It narrates a story, one that’s preserved in each stone and color etched in the tile. For this reason, many homeowners and interior designers turn to it, used to [...]

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When to Use Large or Small Tiles in Your Home

Building your home or office takes a lot of time and planning. You need to get everything right to mitigate the costs of renovation. One aspect you need to look into is the tiles. It must match your interior design and offer durability and functionality, especially if you are building a business or office.  Tiles [...]

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A New Homeowner’s Guide to Working with Contractors

Home renovation is an exciting time. From planning to designing your home, there are so many things to do. However, one of the most important things to consider is hiring a contractor. It’s essential to have a good contractor that can turn ideas for your dream home into reality.  Here are some tips to help [...]

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Tips for Finding the Best Tile Patterns

If you are in the middle of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you may feel as if you have spent hundreds of hours looking at tile patterns alone. Even as you have found the seemingly perfect tile design, there is one last question that remains: What tile pattern should you use when you lay out [...]

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Bathroom Faucet Options to Consider

The faucet in your bathroom sink is your best friend when it comes to keeping you clean. You use this household fixture so much every day that you may not even realize how crucial it is for your day-to-day life.  Given that, if you are looking to do a bathroom remodel, doing an upgrade on [...]

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Porcelain vs Ceramic: Which to Choose

Deciding between porcelain and ceramic can be one of the most important design choices you make, especially when you consider tiling, wall features, and flooring. Whatever your intentions are, you have to be informed from a practical point of view by knowing the difference between the two and which one is more appropriate for your [...]

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Are Doorless Showers Worth the Investment

If a bathroom remodel is in order and you still haven’t found a design inspiration, would you consider a doorless shower that’s so on trend right now? A quick search online and you’ll find a variety of those renovated bathrooms that have incorporated this concept. Not only does it give the bathroom a more spacious [...]

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