How to Choose the Right Grout Color for Your Tiles

The color of your grout will significantly influence the final look and overall design of your home interior. While it may just be a small portion of your home remodel project, it definitely has a lasting impact on your indoor aesthetic. As such, it’s essential to take your time and go through all your options [...]

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The Top Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2021

So you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. You probably already have a Pinterest board chock full of images, a YouTube playlist with tons of videos on home renovations, and a notebook scribbled with drawings of what you want your kitchen to look like.  While it’s easy to imagine, pulling off a kitchen renovation may prove [...]

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The Right Way to Use Texture in Your Home’s Interior Design

Texture has always played a big role in interior design, and its impact goes beyond the visual aspects because it appeals to another sense – the sense of touch. In a way, the texture gives more life to any room.  While others may think that texture plays a minor role in a space's purpose and [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Removing Grout From Tiles

Is it time to remove tile grout? You probably have been putting this off for some time now because you think it’s a tedious process. The truth is, removing tile grout is easy and fast. Depending on the size of the tile field, you can simply allot an afternoon for it, and you’re done!  There [...]

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How Long Do Marble Floors Last?

Before marble flooring came to be, it all started as limestone. And after years of change, heat, and pressure, this stone has slowly transformed into a dense varicolored stone that can be polished and shined. Now, marble is considered a highly prized product for flooring and countertops, making a room feel more spacious and luxurious. [...]

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Top 3 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options for a Greener Home

Different parts of the world are embracing eco-living as the new, ideal standard, which is why homeowners are doing their part by going for greener alternatives from investing in solar panels, composting, using LED bulbs, to testing their green thumbs by using plants as the latest decorative trends.  These are some of the ways people [...]

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5 Durable Tile Types Safe for Kids and Pets

When it comes to home renovations, it’s easy to overlook the flooring, but it’s one of the biggest foundations that can make or mar your home’s appearance, functionality, and liveability. When your space houses furry companions, life with cats, dogs, and kids can quickly wreak havoc on your home, particularly the floors. Fur babies can [...]

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Ceramic Floor Tiles: Can They Help Keep A Room Cool?

Carpets are a cozy option in San Rafael, as the bay breeze brings in rolling winds of cold air annually. They are often warm and fuzzy, which makes it comfortable to walk in during the colder months. However, many people are starting to switch to tile products because they are easier to clean when spills [...]

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5 Backsplashes That Would Elevate The Look of Your Kitchen

When thinking about a home renovation project, the kitchen is often the most remodeled. There are many ways to take on this project, such as installing a kitchen island, having marble countertops, adding new appliances, and resorting to cabinetry or open shelving. However, did you know that a backsplash plays a crucial role in your [...]

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A Guide to Removing Stains From Wall Tiles

When it comes to maintaining a bathroom, it must always be cleaned and sanitized. The last thing you’ll ever want to see as you do your daily morning rituals are stains on tiled walls. Not only are they unsightly in appearance, but they are also very unhygienic and will compromise the health of the whole [...]

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