Whether you’re a homeowner building a new house or revamping your private oasis, bathroom tiles are crucial to designing the perfect space. The right choice can help to create a cohesive design, improve durability, and increase the overall value of a home. It can also add a touch of color and texture to the area, enhancing its visual appeal. 

While finding the right one can be tricky and daunting because of the many available options, you must pick the right one. It will help prevent moisture and ensure the floor isn’t too slippery when wet. You should also learn to balance between style and budget. 

If you’re ready to create a safe and aesthetically appealing private oasis, this article will enumerate our best picks for bathroom floor tiles. 

1. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles 

These options are excellent for bathroom floors, with various styles and easy maintenance. However, they’re not as comfortable to barefoot as vinyl. Fortunately, radiant floor heat can help with this. While ceramics are more complicated to install than vinyl, they offer durability and resistance to wear and scratches when glazed. Porcelain tiles are even more complex and have through-body color, which is helpful if chipping occurs.

When buying tile for floors, ensure it’s rated for use on floors and choose a grade 1 or 2 ceramic tile and a coefficient of friction of .50 or greater. For porcelain tile, look for a Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rating of III or higher.

2. Glass Tiles

Glass floor tiles create the illusion of depth and can have a stained-glass effect. Textured and slip-resistant options are durable and can be used in showers or on bathroom walls. Also, we recommend using small glass tiles with grout joints because they’re a good option. 

3. Linoleum Floor Tiles

Linoleum is a flooring material made of natural ingredients like linseed oil, cork powder, wood flour, ground limestone, and pigments. It is an excellent choice for modern or vintage-style homes, especially for bathrooms. It can also prevent bacterial and mold growth and resist dust and dirt while keeping its vibrant color. 

Moreover, it’s easy to install with its click-in-place plank designs. However, its aesthetic appeal comes with a high price tag, making it a relatively expensive flooring option.

4. Plastic Laminate Tiles

Plastic laminate tiles are a good choice for remodeling because they don’t significantly raise the height of the existing floor. However, remember they’re unsuitable for full bathrooms because they can expand and buckle when exposed to standing water. They also don’t have as many style options as ceramics and vinyl. Therefore, you must learn to caulk the gaps.

5. Stone Tiles

Homeowners previously used stone tiles only in the entrance area, but they’ve recently become more common in other home areas, including bathrooms. Manufacturers make these options from natural materials like limestone, marble, granite, and slate, and they come in various colors and textures. However, because of their porous nature, they’re usually costlier than ceramic or porcelain tiles and require more maintenance, including regular cleaning and sealing. 

6. Vinyl Tiles

Homeowners commonly use vinyl for their bathroom floors because of its affordability and practicality. This material is ideal for all bathrooms, whether the main one or a small guest bathroom. It also offers superior safety, comfort, and longevity than other popular options. 

Moreover, vinyl tile manufacturers have made significant advancements in terms of appearance and effortless installation. This material is self-adhesive; homeowners or contractors can cut it with a simple utility knife. 


A safe and aesthetically pleasing bathroom begins when you select the best tiles. You can find the best options for your private oasis by considering your needs, sticking to your budget, and choosing durable and moisture-resistant materials. 

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