The kitchen is one of the most used parts of a home, so it is important that they come with a cohesive design. If all the elements in the kitchen work harmoniously, food preparation can be a breeze.

If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, you should never forget to think about the cabinets and the floor tiles in the design. After all, both of these areas lie directly with each other, and having a seamless design will ensure that your kitchen is a success.

In this article, you will learn about the essential factors to consider when designing your floor tiles and kitchen cabinets.

1. Material

First, consider the materials and textures for the flooring. Add charm to your kitchen tiles by thinking about which material would work best. You can opt to use wood, vinyl, ceramic, cork, bamboo, laminate, and similar materials.

When choosing, however, don’t just go for the aesthetics when making your choice. Of course, physical appearance is essential. But you should also think about the upkeep and maintenance requirements they come with.

2. Color

The next thing you should think about is the color. Your floor tiles should work well with the rest of the kitchen. If you have light cabinets, you should consider dark floors for added balance.

However, if the kitchen comes with multiple colors or tones, your floor tiles should match the darkest shade in the kitchen cabinets. If you’re going with wood, the dark color for the glaze will work.

3. Pattern

Tile patterns are perfect for adding interest to the kitchen. They can bring life to an otherwise vacant space. However, remember that patterns won’t always look right and can clash with contemporary cabinet designs. Remember to think about harmony in the designs that you pick, and you will do fine.

4. Style

Another crucial thing to consider when selecting floor tiles and cabinets is the overall style you choose for your home. If you are after contemporary styles, you should opt for floor tiles with clean edges and narrow grout joints.

If you have raised panel cabinets, you can get multipiece pattern tile floors or stone tiles. On the other hand, if you have cabinets with solid lines or pronounced wood grains, you should opt for floor tiles with similar characteristics. Are you interested in getting something retro? You can opt for something white to complement those with a stainless steel finish.

5. Size

In line with choosing your preferred style, you should also pick out the right size of tile. For instance, a contemporary style will work well with oversized floor tiles, so there would be few grout lines. On the other hand, if your kitchen has an antique look, you can take smaller tile sizes, preferably one with more variations in color.

If you want a well-styled kitchen, make sure you pick out tiles that won’t break up the floor too much as you don’t want to draw your eyes away from the kitchen and the beautiful appliances you have.


Harmony and coordination are fundamental principles of home design, especially in high-activity areas like your kitchen. After taking note of the factors mentioned above, you’ll be on your way to matching floor tiles and kitchen cabinets perfectly.

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