Before marble flooring came to be, it all started as limestone. And after years of change, heat, and pressure, this stone has slowly transformed into a dense varicolored stone that can be polished and shined. Now, marble is considered a highly prized product for flooring and countertops, making a room feel more spacious and luxurious.

When homeowners build or remodel their kitchens and bathrooms, they incorporate marble flooring into these rooms. This is because marble is incredibly durable and relatively easy to maintain. Thus, marble is often incorporated in rooms where there is high moisture and heat since it won’t sustain much damage. 

If you’re thinking of what natural stone you should incorporate in your kitchen or bathroom, marble is your best bet. However, because it’s known for its durability, you’re probably wondering how long these floors could last. If that’s the case, stick around. We’ll let you know how long marble floorings will keep and how you can maintain them to help increase their longevity. Let’s get to it!

How long will the marble’s shine last?

Homeowners get excited when they watch marble stone being laid in the floors and countertops of their kitchen and bathrooms. And soon after, they ask a critical question: How long will the marble’s shine last?

Usually, your floor can stay shiny for three years. Some even last up to five years without maintenance and attention, but the latter is more apparent in low traffic areas. 

But to keep your marble floorings looking shiny and new, it’s best to have your floors polished by professionals and ask for advice on maintaining their shine after being polished. Thankfully, Miconi can help you with your marble and tile needs by maintaining your flooring and countertops. 

So, how long will my marble floors last?

Unfortunately, this question is impossible to answer because it depends on how much the floor is being used, how it’s installed, and various factors. The moment your floor is opened to traffic, wear and tear will start to begin.

However, you can maintain its shine and aesthetics by practicing proper maintenance techniques in between polishing processes. Here’s how you can do it:

Remove cleaning residue build-up

One of the biggest reasons marble tiles lose their shine quicker is because there is too much cleaning residue left on their surface. To deal with this, it’s essential to use a pH-neutral soap to wash your marble floors and use a sufficient amount of hot water to clean all the residue away.

However, if your floors have a topical seal, it’s best to avoid boiling water since it could break down the seal.

Buff dry your floors carefully

After washing your flooring, ensure that you’ve removed all the products and moisture on its surface by buffing your floor clean with a white cloth. This will not only eliminate excess water and product but will also bring back your marble flooring’s shine. 

Should my marble flooring always be shiny?

If you’re considering installing marble flooring into your home, you should know that there are different types of marble flooring, some of which aren’t always shiny, and that’s okay!

Polished marble is a popular option for marble flooring and comes in a high-gloss aesthetic. Its high-gloss features bring out the veining of the marble perfectly, giving your floor a luxurious look. When you follow the proper maintenance, you’ll have a reflective marble flooring finish for years. 

On the other hand, honed marble is another flooring option, but it’s only lightly polished. Its features are enough to make a flat and smooth surface but do not have enough shine compared to polished marble. 


Now that you know the basics of marble flooring and how you can properly maintain them, you’ll definitely be able to keep these luxurious floorings for years so you can enjoy a home that looks elegant. If you’re thinking of getting marble for your home, it’s best to work with reliable kitchen and bathroom remodelers, such as Miconi Marble & Tile in San Rafael, to help you manifest the marble kitchen and bathroom of your dreams.

Miconi Marble & Tile in San Rafael have been in the industry for more than two decades. Their experience in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, marble, and tiles makes them leaders in the industry. So, if you want to get your kitchen or bathroom remodeled, give us a call today!