Installing a stone kitchen countertop is every homeowner’s dream. However, most do not understand the requirements to maintain the shiny and flawless surface of countertops similar to those seen in Architectural magazines.

But no matter how tedious it sounds, taking care of and maintaining stone kitchen countertops is easy. First, it begins with identifying which items can potentially damage the workplace for homeowners to avoid using them. Before hiring a professional kitchen remodeling contractor, everyday household items can damage a stone counter.

1. Excessive Weight

Looking for ways to store food items, cookware, and other kitchenware is one of the questions that homeowners face before remodeling the kitchen. Storage units such as glass boards and drawers are used to minimize the countertop’s surface.

However, these items need to be transparent to avoid overloading the countertop. Overloading the stone kitchen countertop may cause scratches and indentations. Similarly, placing heavy objects on the countertop may cause damage to the stone surface. Hence, identifying the heavy objects on a wooden cabinet is advisable.

2. Sharp Tools

While preparing food in the kitchen, slicing meat and chopping vegetables can be challenging without a knife or a kitchen knife. But these kitchen tools are sharp and can scratch the countertop. To avoid damaging the countertop, keep the sharp tools in a container or a wooden block.

Another most commonly used kitchen tool is a hand mixer. But make sure to avoid using these kitchen tools as they are very sharp and can scratch the stone surface. Even the sharp edges can cause minor scratches to your kitchen countertop.

3. Hot Pots and Pans

The hot pots and pans are the third common household item that may damage your stone kitchen countertop. When cooking on your kitchen stove, the pots and pans may get too hot. As a result, they may not tolerate the heat, and they may scratch the stone surface. While cooking, always be careful not to place hot pots and pans directly on the surface of the stone kitchen countertop. Instead, place them on a wooden countertop or a trivet.

4. Spills

When you spill food on the stone kitchen counter, never wipe it off with paper towels or a towel. The fibers of paper or towel may stick to the stone surface and may cause scratches or other damages. If you ever spill food on the stone kitchen counter, immediately wipe it off with a damp cloth. Alternatively, you can use a paper towel or kitchen towel to wipe off the spill and then soak the towel with water and wipe the countertop clean.

5. Residue Build-Ups

When cooking, you may leave residue on the stone kitchen countertop. While cleaning the residue, it is essential to use cleaning material that is not corrosive. Cleaning the residue may also cause damage to the stone kitchen countertop, depending on the cleaning material you use. Hence, you must avoid using acidic cleaning material.


Maintaining stone kitchen countertops is easy, but you must be aware of the habits that may damage your kitchen surfaces. Hence, always avoid using the items listed above, which may damage your stone countertop. Otherwise, you may be left with a stone kitchen countertop you cannot be proud of. If you have a damaged kitchen stone, be sure to contact a professional kitchen countertop contractor.

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