Pet owners have flooring problems; there’s the issue from stains coming from solid or liquid “accidents,” then there’s damage from their pets’ claws or toenails. Those two alone pretty much invalidate a number of otherwise perfectly good flooring options.

Carpeting is the most common flooring option for pet owners, but not necessarily the best choice. It is inexpensive, easy to cut and install, and widely available—so why is it so? Pet owners who are not prepared to spend a lot of time on cleaning and maintenance for one pet (or a small number) can easily get away with using carpeting. However, as you add more pets to your home, or if you have a large, active dog, then carpeting may not hold up as well.

Read on to learn more about which flooring options are ideal for pets:

  • Poured and Sealed Concrete 

This may seem like common sense when looking for something good for roughness, but it’s definitely worth talking about. When this hard material is poured, it becomes practically impenetrable by any stains from pets. While this may seem pretty hard for areas like a living room, area carpets and throw rugs can easily soften things up. 

It should be noted, however, that polished concrete flooring can be slippery. Dogs running through the house might end up with an injury as a result. Some of them may end up with hip injuries because of slippery floors, so take this into consideration when looking into concrete for your flooring.

  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF)

Luxury vinyl flooring is an upgraded, resilient vinyl. It’s assembled with a system that’s “click-lock” and usually comes in plank form. It’s more durable and thicker than the usual vinyl tile flooring or vinyl sheet. The wear layer is also far more scratch-resistant. There are many designs to modern luxury vinyl, making it tough to tell apart from stone.

  • Tiles (Ceramic, Marble, Wood, etc.)

Tiled floors offer a lot of style for a reasonable price. Wood, ceramic, or even marble can be a very attractive and upscale-looking choice of flooring. This type of floor is ideal for families that have a lot of dogs and are concerned with durability. Ceramic tile in both the traditional and porcelain sense, ceramic tile are great for pet owners. No matter how sharp your cat’s claws are or how big your dog’s paws get, its durability will hold up just fine.

However, tiled floors are cold, and can be slippery in areas where a lot of traffic is present. A rug or throw rug will solve that immediately. To add warmth, radiant heating systems can also be installed in any area of the house where it is necessary.

Glazed ceramics are also a good choice to prevent liquid penetration and stains. Several patterns and designs can be printed by the manufactured glaze as well. 


When it comes to the flooring of pet owners’ homes, there are many usual options that just won’t do. That’s because of stains or liquid penetration from “accidents” and/or damage from the likes of claws. Ideal flooring options for pets are concrete that’s poured and sealed, LVF, and tiles, particularly ceramic.

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