Are you thinking of adding new tiles for your kitchen remodel? Doing so can instantly give your kitchen a fresh new look. However, you may be worried that it can add more time to your already tight kitchen remodel schedule.

This article will run you through the factors that can affect how long it takes to tile your kitchen.

How Long Does Tiling Take?

The time it can take to tile your kitchen will depend on the tiling job. Tiling a kitchen can take anywhere between 10–16 hours. If you are an inexperienced DIYer, it may take longer. However, if you hire an experienced professional, they can finish it sooner.

Factors That Can Affect Your Project Time

Several different factors can affect how long your kitchen tiling project will take. These factors include the following:

1 – The Size of Your Kitchen

The size of your kitchen will directly impact how long your tiling project will take. How many square feet of tiles do you need to install? The larger your kitchen floor is, the longer it will take to tile it.

The average kitchen size is about 150 square feet

2 – The Size of Your Tiles

Tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A larger tile shape can be easier and faster to install than smaller tiles that you have to lay one by one. Smaller tiles are more tedious and time-consuming. However, if your tiles are way too large for your space, you may have to spend more time cutting them into the correct size.

3 – The Shape of Your Room

Tiles can be tricky in a kitchen or bathroom that is not square or rectangular. If your kitchen has a unique floor shape, you will have to spend time cutting the tiles to fit the space.

You may have to consider the oddly shaped crevices, islands, and bars in your kitchen that need to be avoided when laying the tiles. The tiles will need to be cut to fit these crevices and obstacles.

4 – The Orientation of Your Tiles

The orientation of your tiles can make or break your tiling project time. If you are laying the tiles in a pattern (i.e., zig zag, checkered, etc.), the time to lay the tiles will vary depending on the design. A complex pattern with variations will take longer to install. If you just want a basic installation without elaborate designs and patterns, it will be easier and quicker to install.

5 – The Condition of Your Subfloor

Before you begin your tiling project, you will need to ensure that your subfloor is in a suitable condition for tiling. If your subfloor is unclean or uneven, you will need extra time to clean it up and level it. If you have existing flooring, it may take more time to remove the flooring before starting on your project.

6 – The Experience Level of the Person Installing

When it comes to tiling, it is best to leave it to the professionals. A professional tiler will have more experience and tools that can help them to tile your kitchen more quickly and efficiently. 

A professional will also know the best ways to lay tiles so that it does not cause damage to your floor or the tiles. If you have no experience in tiling, you would need more time to figure things out and gather your tools. You may also create more mistakes that may be difficult to fix later.


As you can see, several factors can affect how long it takes to tile a kitchen. You will need to consider all of these factors before picking a tiling material and design. It is best to hire a professional to tile your kitchen if you have no experience doing it. A professional tiler will finish the project more quickly and efficiently.

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