Your home is your pride and joy, and you’ve poured all your blood, sweat, and tears into dressing it up and making it your ultimate sanctuary. Like all things, however, they’re subject to wear and tear, which means that they may not be as fresh and shiny as they were at some point. When this happens, you’ll need to give your home an upgrade, which will skyrocket its value and make it even more comfortable.

One of the projects you’ll want to consider is a bathroom remodel, especially if your tiles are cracked and damaged. You may be wondering if it’s worth repairing them or if you’ll have to replace them altogether. Here’s what you need to know about replacing or repairing broken shower tiles:

What Damages Tiles?

Tiles get damaged when something heavy falls onto or hits them. Sometimes, dents can also turn into cracks, such as dropping a curling iron onto your floor, which will progress over time into a large fissure. Sometimes, the concrete underneath breaks, making your tile split as well.

Another cause is when a joist, the bottom-most layer of your flooring, is improperly installed. If the contractor built them too far apart, the tiles on the top-most layer wouldn’t have anything substantial underneath them, making them more likely to bend and snap.

Why Is It Crucial to Repair Tiles Immediately?

Broken, chipped, or damaged tiles can significantly affect your home’s appearance. However, it can also be a safety hazard. A pet or a child running over damaged tiles may get hurt, cutting their paws and feet. Additionally, water can seep through the cracks in tiles, damaging your flooring and potentially resulting in mold growth. These issues will be expensive to repair, so it’s best to address them right away.

When Should You Replace or Repair Tiles?

To know when to replace or repair tiles, you should first assess the damage. If your tile has a tiny chip in the corner, repairing it will be an easy fix. However, if several tiles are damaged, then replacing them will save a lot of stress and money in the long run. Small chips are quick and efficient to repair, but the more widespread the crack, the more your tiles need to be replaced. For this reason, it’s best to have spare tiles in handy to ensure you don’t interrupt the design of your bathroom, which will also make the process of tile replacement easier.

How Do You Repair Tiles?

Start by cleaning the area, using tile cleaner, dish soap, or bleach. Pay special attention to the surrounding grout to make sure it’s free of dirt. Allow it to dry before proceeding with the repair job.

Once it’s dry, choose clear or white epoxy and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when mixing it. Be sure not to get the epoxy onto the grout surrounding the damaged tiles. Use a toothpick or craft stick to apply the epoxy onto the chip in thin layers for around 30 minutes. Then, use paint and a paintbrush to tint the epoxy and ensure it matches the tile. Allow the paint to cure, then seal it with three coats of urethane.

How Do You Replace Tiles?

Replacing tiles requires a bit more elbow grease. Clean the area with bleach, tile cleaner, or dish soap and remove the grout. Be sure to wear safety goggles before using a grout saw to take the grout out. Use painter’s tape to frame the damaged tile, which will protect the nearby unblemished tiles. Then, loosen the tile by drilling four holes into it, making it easier to take the pieces out.

Use a hammer and a cold chisel or a tile chisel to remove the pieces, starting from the center. Remove the old adhesive. Then, use a trowel to apply the adhesive to the back of the new tile and the freshly cleaned surface. Position the tile and make sure that the spacing is even. Allow at least two hours for the new tile to cure. Mix your grout, then apply it by using a rubber float at a 45-degree angle to put it into the cracks around the new tile. Remove the excess grout, then allow it to dry.


It may be challenging to determine when your tiles are due for a replacement or if you can salvage them through tile repair. With our guide, you’ll know when you can save a few cracked tiles or when it’s best to go for tile replacement.

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