The minimalist design trend is appealing to many homeowners. It promotes improving your lifestyle and making your space more functional by getting rid of the unnecessary items and clutter. Any decor usually serves a dual functional purpose and is simplistic and visually appealing. By creating strategies for using this kitchen design, you can have a place that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to use.

Whether you are planning to upgrade your kitchen through remodeling or you’re building a new house from scratch, a minimalist design can bring out the timeless beauty that you want for your space. 

Here are some effective tips for designing an interesting minimalist kitchen: 

1. Change your color scheme

The color of your kitchen creates the entire mood for your space, making it critical for your overall theme. To make your room look simpler and more spacious than it actually is, consider changing your color scheme. 

Try exploring kitchen remodel ideas and look for design inspirations from magazines or over the internet. Stick to a solid color palette and use colors that are all in the same family with minimal contrast, particularly neutral tones. 

2. Remove the clutter

The key to creating a minimalist kitchen design is emptying your space as much as possible and maximizing the storage space behind closed doors. To get started, get rid of the clutter and any unnecessary kitchen utensils and tools. Put away all those small appliances and other belongings you don’t need or use regularly, especially those that take up too much space on your counter and in cabinets.

If you have extra items lying around in your kitchen, ditch them in favor of your kitchen necessities. For instance, instead of keeping an unnecessarily large collection of knives, invest in the most essential kitchen utensils, such as a high-quality chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife.

Every item in your kitchen must serve a purpose. If you think it is taking up space and not being useful in your daily life, consider putting it away.

3. Implement a system for your items

Once you’ve cleared the clutter in your kitchen, make sure every item is in its right place. Set up a system to keep them organized. A great idea for keeping a tidy kitchen is to put cutlery and pans in drawers, place dishes,, small appliances and containers in cabinets, and place less-used appliances on shelves or closets.

4. Replace your cabinet doors

Minimalist design simplifies your space. To accomplish this in your kitchen, take out the doors of your current cabinets and replace them with solid color plain doors without knobs or a simple bar. This gives your place a fresh, classy look without spending too much or taking up too much of your time.

5. Upgrade your tiles and accessories

Outdated tiles and accessories can make your kitchen look unsightly and reduce the functionality of your space. When you are remodeling your current kitchen or building a new house, turn to us. We design and install tiles and natural stones and offer various accessories for your home.


Sometimes, less is more when it comes to kitchen design. A simple style, just like the minimalist design trend can enhance the look and functionality of your space. When you need the perfect tile, stone, or accessories for your new minimalist kitchen, get in touch with a trusted company like ours.

Ensure that your kitchen remodeling projects in San Rafael, California run smoothly and hassle-free with help from Miconi Marble & Tile. We offer tile and natural stone selection, design, and installation. Contact us to learn more about what we offer!