Building your home or office takes a lot of time and planning. You need to get everything right to mitigate the costs of renovation. One aspect you need to look into is the tiles. It must match your interior design and offer durability and functionality, especially if you are building a business or office. 

Tiles have different sizes based on the space in your home. There are standard sizes for certain applications and varying designs that can depend on your theme. Varying tile sizes can affect the overall appearance of your home. It can enhance the look you want to achieve or diminish the design. 

To avoid renovating your home due to a wrong tile design and size, we will share tips on choosing the right tile size. 

Choose a tile relative to the size of your space.

When choosing a tile for your space, you shouldn’t only consider the design but the size too. Start by measuring the space. Take the length and width of the floor or wall.  Then take a pen and paper to create a template of the space. It will allow you to experiment with different designs and sizes. 

Make sure you consider the kitchen islands, cabinets, and countertops when taking the measurements. For example, a kitchen, living room, or dining can handle large tiles. However, large tiles won’t allow you as much flexibility. You also need to be extremely careful when installing them. As for the bathrooms and rooms, you can use medium-sized tiles and mosaic tiles. 

Grout lines depend on the tile size.

If you are wondering how some tiles have different grout lines, the answer is based on the tile size. Large tiles have fewer grout lines, while small tiles have more of it. Since large tiles have fewer grout lines, they can create a clean and polished look. So, if you want a more contemporary design for your space, it’s best to purchase large tiles. 

Small tiles have more grout lines, which can create a visual and complex look on your floor. If you don’t want something modern, choose medium subway tiles. This can create a perfect mixture between fresh and classic. As for small mosaic tiles, it can create an intricate appearance in your space. 

Grout color can also affect the space. Usually, the grout color is similar to the tiles’ shade to create a seamless appearance. Overall, more grout lines are best for bathrooms and showers because they add more traction and slip resistance. As for large tiles, it is best for wide-open spaces to create an expanded look. 

Choose a tile size based on the aesthetic of the room.

To create an aesthetically pleasing room, you need to consider the tile size. Large square and rectangular tiles are perfect for medium and large spaces. It lengthens the room, which creates an open and clean space. 

Tiny tiles like miniature squares and honeycombs are perfect for small spaces like bathrooms. It will easily fit around compact parts of the room, unlike with large tiles. You can also use smaller tiles to create a border around larger tiles. 


Choosing tiles is often taken for granted by most homeowners. They don’t understand that tiles have an equal impact on the aesthetic of their home. Luckily, these tips will guide you in picking the right tiles for your space. 

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