Naturally, the exhilaration of choosing your tiles may quickly give way to uncertainty due to the vast selection of available tiles. Is going light or dark preferable? Big or small? Gloss or matte? Smooth and modern or natural and textured? 

It’s enough to make you feel anxious and wonder if you’re making the right decision instead of enjoying yourself.

If you’re looking for information on selecting bathroom tiles for a brand-new bathroom design or modifying an existing room, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are easy ways to choose a tile that best fits your bathroom:

1. Determine Your Style

Choose a style first before starting your search for bathroom tiles. They come in various designs, hues, and patterns, so you can create any desired aesthetic. The most widely used bathroom designs are hotel-style, geometric, and decorative bathrooms. 

The design and color scheme of hotel bathrooms are restrained and impartial. Black, white, and other pastel colors are frequently excellent tile color choices to create this appearance.

On the other hand, geometric designs are printed on the tiles. The patterns add to the uniqueness of these bathrooms. Last but not least, to create a lively or bright image, decorative bathrooms use decorative tiles. These restrooms have a unique and modern design.

Depending on your bathroom’s design, you’ll need to buy a particular tile. Think about how the bathroom’s design will complement the overall style of your house.

2. Select Size Preference

Choosing tiles with a large format can make a small bathroom look even smaller, so make sure they don’t take over the room. By selecting tiles that are proportionate to the size of your bathroom, you can make it look open and spacious rather than cramped and crowded.

However, installing smaller tiles takes more time, grout, and effort if your bathroom is more extensive.

3. Don’t Overlook Maintenance

If there is one mistake people make when buying bathroom tiles, it is failing to take maintenance requirements into account. Because some inexpensive bathroom tiles require much maintenance, this is frequently an expensive mistake.

4. Consider the Floor

Floor tiles are just as important as wall tiles, so give them the same consideration as the rest of the room. It’s simple to concentrate only on the wall tiles and choose plain floor tiles as an afterthought.

It is OK to choose a neutral color because it enables you to create focal points in other areas of the room. If this is the case, consider using something with texture or an attractive shape to add dimension.

5. Select an Appropriate Color

The end user should have the last say over color. Why spend money on expensive tiles if you don’t use your bathroom often? 

The simple ones would do. Make a family bathroom kid-friendly using bolder, more straightforward primary colors. On the other hand, you can use a more stylish color scheme, such as lovely gray glazed tiles or tiles with a wood-like effect, if your family is older or you do not have children.


When selecting tiles for your bathroom, there are numerous factors to consider. But with some planning, you can easily find suitable tiles for your space. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll find the perfect bathroom tiles for your home.

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