If you are in the middle of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you may feel as if you have spent hundreds of hours looking at tile patterns alone. Even as you have found the seemingly perfect tile design, there is one last question that remains: What tile pattern should you use when you lay out your tiles?

There are many tile patterns that you can use to enhance the look and aesthetics of your chosen tile design. If you do not want to spend so much time thinking about this, below is a guide that will help you find the right tile pattern for your kitchen or bathroom.

Tips for Finding the Best Tile Patterns

1 – Straight Lay Pattern

This pattern is the most common of all tile patterns. It involves the tile simply being laid down side by side to form a grid pattern. This type of pattern will work great for floors or walls that will have plain or simple print tile designs. 

2 – Brick Pattern or Running Bond

Brick pattern tiles will be great if you have uneven walls as it is a good option to use if you want to hide imperfections in your walls or floor. This type of pattern can be achieved by lining up each end of the tile with the center of the tile above and below it to create staggered grout lines.

3 – Basketweave Pattern

If you have ever seen a woven basket, you will now be able to imagine how a basketweave pattern looks like. This pattern will create the illusion that the tiles are being woven over and under each other. This is one of the more intricate patterns and may be more difficult to install on your own if you have never tried to lay down this type of tile pattern before. Getting a professional to help you will be your best option to ensure that this pattern comes out right.

4 – Diagonal Pattern or Diamond Pattern

This pattern gets its name from the diamond shape that will be created when you lay down square tiles on a 45-degree angle to one another. The result will give you a diamond pattern on your floor or wall. Diagonal opr diamond patterns have a knack of making small spaces appear larger.

5 – Chevron Pattern

The chevron pattern is a great way to give your kitchen or bathroom an instant upscale look. This pattern can be achieved by laying out rows of rectangle tiles, with each row facing in the opposite direction to the one next to it, creating a V-shape.


The list above contains some of the most popular tile patterns, now the question is: Which one will you choose for your kitchen or bathroom? It is understandable that you may be confused about how to mix and match your tiles and tile patterns to be able to create the best design for your kitchen or bathroom’s walls and floors. If you are unable to decide, getting your contractor or tile expert to weigh in on the decision will help you get a more informed decision that you will not regret in the long run.

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