People do not usually think about this, but there are actually valid reasons to have tiles installed in the bathroom. It’s just not up for debate since everyone already expects theirs to have them, making it a strange design decision to have no tiles at all in the first place.

That being said, you may be curious to know what these specific benefits are. If that is the case, look no further than our pointers below.

They Add a Luxurious Feel to the Bathroom.

The first and most apparent benefit of having tiles in the bathroom is that they make it feel more luxurious.

Those who have already been in a bathroom with older tiles and newer ones can tell you that the newer ones look much more luxurious. This comes from the higher level of detail and workmanship.

They Make the Bathroom Look Bigger.

The other advantage of tiles installed in the bathroom is the fact that they make the place look bigger. This is because every tile is non-porous and does not soak up water like other commonly used materials.

Because of this, water will not be trapped in them and will evaporate instead, making the bathroom cleaner and fresher.

They Are Easier to Maintain, Even When Wet.

Another benefit of installing tiles in the bathroom is the fact that they will not get dirty as easily. They are easy to clean, and you do not have to worry about streaks, tears, or anything of the sort.

If you have wood in the bathroom, it is quite easy to have it get stained and peeled off, especially if it’s made of poor-quality material.

They Are More Durable.

That being said, tiled floors are also more durable than other types of floors. They can resist water and moisture better and thus make a bathroom cleaner for a longer period of time.

Their durability is also present, even during the installation process. They are easy to install and can last for decades before being replaced.

They Are Perfect for Radiant Heating.

Another benefit that you can get from tiles is that they can be used to heat up the water in the bathroom. That’s because of their design, which allows them to be used for radiant heating.

This is very useful if you live in a place where the winters are very cold and do not want to use a blanket.

They Offer Various Design Options.

The last benefit of having tiles in the bathroom is that they offer you a range of design options. You can have them in a variety of shapes and colors, especially if you choose to have a bespoke look.

When it comes to design, tiles can be arranged in ways that no other materials can, making them more appealing and modern.


When all is said and done, it is indeed easy to see why tiles are the best choice for the bathroom. They offer you a wide range of benefits and practicalities, making your bathroom more homely and comfortable than ever.

They also look stunning and will make your bathroom appear larger and more luxurious.

Truly, no bathroom would look magnificent and welcoming without them.

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