When people consider the best surface options for their home’s flooring to kitchen countertops, marble takes the cake as one of the most luxurious to-date. While there’s no doubt that there is a throng of expensive surface materials available, most people don’t know that it also comes at a wide price range.

People on a tight budget can access marble materials for as low as $75, but keep in mind the pricing fluctuations also heavily impact the slab’s durability, beauty, and overall quality. In that regard, we’re here to break down the differences between cheap or expensive marble. 

Going All Out with the Most Prestigious Marble: Calcatta

Calcatta is the go-to choice for homeowners who want to create lavish-looking statement kitchen islands, countertops, tile floors, shower surrounds, backsplashes, and more. Distinctively hailing from Carrara, Italy, this stunning natural stone earned its prestige thanks to its limited availability and elegant “imperfections.”

Calcatta can either be honed or polished, but for kitchen countertops, it’s better to opt for a honed marble tile to ensure your workstation is resistant to scratches. You can play around with an understatedly elegant look for bathroom finishes by going for a polished Calcatta surface. 

Calcatta is also one of the whitest marble with dramatic veins in either ivory, grey, brown, or gold. While there are other hues available, slabs that look white as snow often drive up the price, which is also why Calcatta’s steep tag. 

Carrara and Other Budget-Friendlier Marble Types 

Hailing from Carrara, Italy, this marble type is the perennial favorite thanks to its soft, plentiful veins, ash white base hue, and a significant drop in price compared to its counterpart, Calcatta. The difference between the two is barely noticeable to the untrained eye, making this an excellent, budget-friendly alternative for homeowners who want to add some sophistication to their countertops or flooring. 

Just like Calcatta, Carrara will also age gracefully as it develops some etching through the years, bringing out its unique charm and characteristic. 

The Bottom Line: When It Comes to Marble, You Get What You Pay For 

Most homeowners think that marble is only for luxurious homes, but there is a wide price range that ensures everyone has a chance at grabbing slabs that can beautify their space without breaking the bank. Working with a professional can also extend your options since they can guide you through available marbles that suit your style and budget!

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