One of the most used rooms in the house is the bathroom. As a result, style and design are frequently overlooked in favor of a practical, functional, and long-lasting design that is simple to clean and maintain. 

When it comes to tiles in San Rafael, many bathroom renovations have chosen neutral basic white tiles as their favorite alternative. With a little forethought and design considerations, you can create a functional bathroom with plenty of atmospheres that look and feels amazing to be in.

Determine the Type of Tile You Require

Tiles come in various materials, including ceramic, porcelain, composite stone, natural stone, glass mosaic, and 3D. Durability, traffic volume, water resistance, slip resistance ratings, upkeep, stain/scratch resistance, warranty, and appearance are all factors to consider when selecting a tile type.

Select Your Focal Tile 

This tile ultimately defines the design of your bathroom and serves as a jumping-off point for selecting your complementary tiles. It might be a row of accent tiles or a simple tile type that gives your bathroom a distinct appearance.

Choose Complementary Tiles 

When you’ve settled on your main tile, consider what additional types of tiles will accent and complement it in terms of color and style. If your feature tile is bold, choose two to three types of tiles that complement it discreetly—and vice versa if your feature tile is subtle.

Think about Using a Unique “Wow Factor” Tile 

These unique tiles can be used in a small or large region within the overall tiled space. The unusual color, texture, or pattern of these normally expensive high-end tiles will draw one’s attention. These unique tiles can help to balance out a bland tile scheme.

Consider the Tile Size and Color 

Select a tile size that is proportional to the size of your bathroom and its fixtures. While square tiles are a good all-arounder, rectangular tiles can be set in a direction to maximize the vertical or horizontal space in your bathroom, giving the impression of additional space.

When it comes to tile colors, the general rule is that brighter colors open up a bathroom and provide the sense of more space, while darker colors do the opposite. On the other hand, darker tiles might create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Grout color should normally match tile color, and grout width should be kept to a minimum to avoid becoming distracting.

Set the Tone 

Start with the rest of the house and incorporate its basic aesthetic into your bathroom design, whether your home’s style is modern or period. Bathrooms are a place to rest and relax at night, but they’re also where you get ready and prepare for the day ahead, so consider how you want to feel when you’re in there. Consider the impact of natural light and mood lighting during the day and night.

Try before You Buy 

Because light and space vary the appearance of tile colors, tiles that capture your eye in a catalog or retail area may look quite different when placed in your bathroom space. As a result, taking a sample home to examine how it looks in your bathroom is good.

Tiles are viewed as an investment in simplicity of maintenance and sanitary living. Consider your options carefully before making a decision. It’s critical to choose a tile in San Rafael that can withstand the wear and strain of daily life in your home. Make it a point to select a specifically tailored tile for that location.


Finding the proper bathroom flooring doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. As you can see, you have many more alternatives now than you did in the past. Remember that you can also rely on professional flooring partners to help you find the right bathroom floor!

Once you’ve sorted out the coordination, the rest of the requirements will be easier (tile design and area). Examine Miconi’s tile collection to see which tiles will work best in your home. Miconi Marble & Tile has been one of the top providers of marble and tile since its beginning in 1994. Allow us to give you tiles in San Rafael, CA, and skilled installation service to make the procedure go more smoothly. Please contact us with your requirements, preferences, and any questions you may have, and we will assist you in finding the best tiles for the job!