For whatever reason, you now need to get tiles taken away from somewhere in your home. Making the decision to get it done is the easy part. Now, you need to find someone you can trust to get the job done. You will want someone who will give you your money’s worth. Return on investment (ROI) is just as important as getting the job done right. After all, when the job is done erroneously, it will lead to more resources being spent to fix it.

It’s important to do research before buying a product or availing of any service. In this case, you’re going to want to find a professional who does tile removal that’s worth your money and time.

Here are four questions to ask when contacting a tile removal expert:

1. “Can I get a free estimate or quote?”

Ask this question because: Getting an estimate onsite to get the job done should be a non-negotiable factor. That way, they can provide an accurate idea of how long and how much the job will take. Their basis, of course, will be the room’s size and material on the floor that is to be removed.

2. “Do you have a fully trained crew and the appropriate equipment?”

Ask this question because: It’s key to work with professional tile removal experts who have the right equipment, such as air scrubbers, hand tools, and vacuums. Additionally, they will also handle the cleanup and the removal of debris through their own waste removal trucks.

You do not want to work with general contractors in this case. Unfortunately, that’s what most companies that offer floor removal are. It’s not smart to choose such companies because they do not have the specialized tools or equipment the job needs. Another disadvantage of working with those groups is they are unable to provide full attention.

3. “Is your tile removal system dust-free?”

Ask this question because: It will be in your best interest to work with a company whose services are dust-free. This will save on additional costs that would have gone into a separate cleanup process. 

4. “What kind of experience do you have in the field?”

Ask this question because: As previously mentioned, getting tiles removed is pretty much an investment. You need to work with an expert, full stop. The cost to get it done isn’t cheap by any means. Do not allow your home to be the test run for an inexperienced or amateur. This applies whether the material in question is wood, carpet, or vinyl flooring.

Working with someone who knows what they’re doing will minimize any accidents or damage as the job is being accomplished.


Floor tile removal is a tedious, costly task that needs to be done by a professional. It’s key to reach out to tile removal experts and ask the right questions to work with the best ones possible. Ask about whether their tile removal system is dust-free, what kind of experience they have in the field, and if it’s possible to get a free quote or estimate.

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