Are you considering a kitchen upgrade to replace outdated cabinetry or updating your countertops? After budgeting for the renovation, you’ll need to decide whether to bring in a professional or, if you have enough confidence in your ability to do it alone, you can give it a shot. 

As someone new to remodeling, the cost of materials  to customize things the way you like and complexity of doing it on your own may leave you wanting to apply paint and assemble ready-made cabinets. However, some projects are best entrusted to professionals. So – how do you decide? Consider the basics of kitchen remodeling below. 

1. Wall Painting

A big hit with the DIY crowd, wall painting is effortless and leaves a lot of room for creative freedom. To create visual impact, paint over textured wallpaper with stunning color. If you’re comfortable with a paintbrush, consider creating a mural in your unique style that matches your kitchen design. For homeowners who aren’t short on time, painting your kitchen can save you a lot of money. 

2. Hardware, Accessory, and Appliance Installation

Most kitchen appliances like microwaves and refrigerators are as simple as plug and play. In addition to a manual or online tutorial, you typically won’t need more than a screwdriver to get some of your new appliances working. Our recommendation? Do the easy one’s yourself! If they require a water connection, for example, only approach it if you know what you’re doing. YouTube videos can help!

3. Upgrading or Installing Cabinets

Adorning your kitchen cabinets with gel stains is part of a thriving DIY trend. Along with simple handle or pull installations, all you need is your home toolkit. However, the cabinet installation is a different story. Unlike silly tweaks, precise structures are hardly forgiving. Feel free to experiment with existing cabinets, but leave new fixtures up to the professionals. 

4. Revamping Your Kitchen Layout

Structural kitchen remodels will typically involve a change in HVAC lines, kitchen walls, and might require some heavy lifting. If you’re considering a kitchen island, you’ll want to steer clear of a DIY layout adjustment at all costs. Meticulous replacement tasks can pose significant safety concerns—and you can’t take your chances. 

5. Plumbing

If within your scope of knowledge, handling an uncomplicated plumbing adjustment is easy as pie. However, installations and potential problems such as mold may require special care from a plumbing expert. Research permits and building codes before tackling your project head-on. 

6. Flooring

Depending on your preferences, installing materials such as laminate flooring is an achievable weekend task. On the other hand, hardwood and granite flooring will undoubtedly require the hand of a professional. Free tip? Choose your flooring material first—then make a decision!

7. Countertops

Similar to the flooring debate, whether you install a new kitchen countertop yourself will depend on the material you select. Plastic and laminate, for instance, are lightweight choices that don’t require expert help. More durable materials—like soapstone or granite—will require complex tools such as belt sanders or scribers. 

8. Electric Wiring

Unless you are an electrician, never wing a wiring job. What is evident to a professional may be invisible to the layman. Intricate rewiring projects may come as a—literal—shock to you. 

9. Adding a Backsplash

Much like a paint job, a backsplash can make for an enjoyable family weekend activity. The choices are plentiful—from faux brick to florals. Most kitchen backsplashes are made with vinyl or self-stick—total child’s play for the self-proclaimed DIY master. 


When it comes to a kitchen upgrade, the complexity of your blueprint will dictate the need to call in a professional or take control of the renovation yourself. If you’re unsure of your ability to install fixtures or work with high-grade materials, hiring a contractor will be worth the check. 

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