Tile cracks usually occur due to damage that occurs due to sudden impact. An example of such a case is when heavy objects fall on your floors. 

However, it isn’t the only reason why tiles crack. Cracked tiles can also happen because of poor installation or lack of care.

See the list of other possible causes of cracked tiles below. 

1. Inadequate Subfloor Preparation

When laying new tile, you need to prepare the subfloor properly before installation. If it isn’t, cracks can happen.

You can’t avoid all tile cracks, but knowing how to get your subfloor ready can help you avoid some of the common causes of cracked tiles.

You need to ensure your subfloor is clean, level, and dry to guarantee that the subfloor undergoes adequate preparation. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling the subfloor.

2. Improper Installation

It’s very easy to misplace a tile during installation. Haphazard tile installation can cause cracks that result in severe damage.

The primary reason for cracked tiles is accidental damage during installation. When a tile is broken, it becomes fragile, which can cause the removal of tiles and require a new installation.

You can easily avoid the problem by following the tile manufacturer’s installation guide carefully.

3. Concrete Did Not Cure Properly

It is crucial to let the concrete cure for the recommended time before installing your tiles. If you install your tile before the concrete is cured, you’ll have problems.

When concrete is not cured appropriately, it can become weak. This will cause your tiles to shrink or crack.

You can perform a simple test to ensure your concrete has cured. Fill a cup with water and sprinkle a few drops on the concrete. If water doesn’t soak into the concrete, the concrete didn’t cure properly.

4. Extensive Mold Growth

A damp subfloor can be a significant problem. Mold can grow when the subfloor is too wet, weakening the entire floor structure.

When your floor does not have proper protection from moisture, mold will start developing. After all, mold needs a damp and warm place to grow.

You can keep this from happening by applying a suitable mold protection product on the subfloor.

How Does One Prevent Cracked Tiles?

Since most tile cracks result from improper installation, you need to hire professionals who are skilled in this area to increase the lifespan of your tile. In addition, you have to keep in mind some pre-and post-installation tips.

Pre-installation includes adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions, installing the tiles following the manufacturer’s recommendations, and so on. 

On the other hand, post-installation involves taking proper care of your floor to ensure that your tiles last long. It includes protecting your subfloor from moisture, sealing the grout, and so on.


Cracked tiles are a common problem in most homes. However, you can easily prevent them by following the manufacturer’s instructions and taking your floor care seriously.

Also, don’t hesitate to call professional tilers for the job if you need it. They have extensive knowledge, skills, and quality materials to do the job correctly.

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