Marble is a typical material used in decorating houses. Although they may be expensive depending on their size, most people still opt to have them at home as they bring a classy and rich feel to the property. Aside from marble countertop installations, there are more ways homeowners can use marble to improve their homes. But how else could people use the material to enhance a house’s design? Here are some ideas.

1. Intricate Flooring

Marble flooring is often used in some fancy homes and houses. It is more expensive but more durable and resilient compared to other materials. Marble also does not scrape and damage easily, nor does it chip easily.

With the look it brings to a room, it is an ideal choice for homeowners who want to add a luxurious look to the house. Marble flooring may not be easy to clean, but the problem has an easy solution, like putting a carpet over it to avoid staining on the surface.

2. Decorative Corner

If you want to make something unique inside the house, you can use marble as decorative pieces. You can find some decorative corner pieces made of marble, and they will undoubtedly look good in the corner of a room. It does not matter what type of marble stone color it is. However, choose a color palette that matches your house’s overall color scheme to ensure it looks easy on the eyes. You can even have the corner decorated with intricate carvings, making it look even more beautiful.

3. Structural Pillars and Columns

Marble pillars are primarily used in old houses, especially in giant mansions. Although the price of marble is high, many people still opt to use the material in their home construction. However, it is best to keep in mind that marbled pillars and columns do not fit every architectural style. Therefore, it is better to consult with an architect or interior designer about your choice.

4. Bathroom Decorations

Various bathroom products are available today, and most of them are available using marble. Yet, choosing marble products for bathroom decorations is not that easy as they can easily get stained due to their porous nature. Bathroom products made from marble are often expensive because the material is expensive.

5. Mural Walls

You can still use marble to create a mural wall in the house. It can be ideal for homeowners with a limited budget because they can only buy one large piece of marble instead of hiring expensive painters. You can create your designs on the mural wall using marble pieces and paint them using your favorite colors.

Marble is costly, and homeowners shouldn’t use it on every part of their house. However, some rooms deserve it, particularly the high-use areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, because marble is a very sturdy material. It is also easier to maintain compared to other types of materials.

6. Fountains and Sculptures

Fountains and sculptures in the house are also commonly made using marble. Since the material is very sturdy and hard to chip, it would be an excellent material to create a fountain or a sculpture. But it can be challenging to maintain because marble tends to get stained, and it can be stained if it gets wet or moist.


These are the different ways people can use marble at home. Marble is expensive, but it is appropriate to use it in certain house parts. It exudes the classy, rich, and timeless characteristics, which means it is more durable than the other types of stones. But always remember to source the marble only from trusted companies to ensure the best quality possible.

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