With so much that life has to throw at you, being able to sit back and relax for once might sound like nothing more than a pipe dream. Fortunately, such a dream can become a reality. Despite your busy life, there’s always the chance to kick back and take things slow for once, and it all starts by transforming your living room into something zen-like.

That said, if you want to enjoy peace and tranquility the moment you step into your home, here’s what you can do to make your living room look more zen:

1. Create a Unified Look

Nothing speaks “busy” more than design elements that clash against each other. It can create visual pollution that can quickly leave you restless and uneasy, whereas a more unified look can help you feel calmer. As such, when trying to design your living room to look more zen, it is vital to understand what kind of look you want to achieve or is already there to be achieved. Stick to that look, and ensure every design element complements each other, ensuring a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Invest in Low Furniture

No, we’re not telling you to invest in cheap furniture. By low furniture, we mean furniture that doesn’t stand tall. Tall furniture may work in some cases, but more often than not, having a table or sofa that’s too high can easily disrupt the living room’s look. Opting for low furniture can keep the looks smoothly flowing from one area to the other. Low furniture also helps create a unified and straightforward look, two essential characteristics in any zen living room.

3. Lower the Mirror Count

If you are living in a small house, chances are you have set up mirrors to make your rooms feel a lot larger. This can help make a room feel more spacious and comfortable to be in. However, mirrors also tend to energize and excite your senses, causing you to feel restless. To solve this problem, cut down the mirror count in your living rooms. If possible, limit them to areas that absolutely need them, such as in the bathroom.

4. Keep Surfaces Nice and Clean

Apart from ensuring your living room looks aesthetically pleasing, it should also feel clean. Cleaning is an important part of creating a living room that looks and feels more zen, and it also ensures you don’t end up hurting your health. Always dedicate a day or two of the week to clean your living room. This includes your daily sweeping, your weekly vacuuming and surface wiping, and so on. This will keep your room neat, clean, and tidy, achieving that zen feel.


There are so many other ways you can make your living room feel more zen, such as removing nonessentials, using natural materials, and allowing natural light to light up the room. Regardless, all of the tips we’ve shared in this article will help you create a living room that you can enter and instantly find relief from your ever busy life. From the moment you open the door down to the moment you rest on the sofa, you can enjoy a living room that helps you find peace and quietness to help you stay grounded in this demanding and burdensome world.

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