Whether you’re a homegrown chef or not, the kitchen is one of the most revered areas in a house. Both for food storage and for cooking, that area is a place for creativity, passion, and peace. Those values shouldn’t just be for the purpose of the kitchen, but also the design of it as well. 

There are plenty of materials that can suit the kitchen based on your preference and the overall feel of the home. Marble and tiles are some of the most aesthetically pleasing materials to have in your kitchen, bringing what’s usually just on trendy magazines and social media to reality. 

Natural stone is something that tends to stand out a lot, and for a good reason too. The material elevates kitchen design when incorporated well. If you’re curious about how you can make it stand out in your kitchen design, follow these steps:

Visit a Natural Stone Showroom

Before you come up and commit to a kitchen design, observe and take inspiration first! Natural stone can come in all shapes and sizes, and seeing your options would be the first step in determining what’s unique yet well-suited to your home. Going to a good showroom where so many of the natural stone displays are up for viewing and purchase would be a good call. 

Natural stone can be incorporated into many different ways in your kitchen design. There’s the giant island countertop that everyone will eye, the tiled walls behind the kitchen appliances, and so much more. Some recommend bringing along their home designer in order to check out and make suggestions about what quartzite to pick out. 

Change the Finish of Other Materials

Natural stone can tend to look a lot more simple. Everything accommodating the kitchen design should go well with it too in terms of finish. Many recommend pairing up the stone material with wooden cabinets and flooring for a more modern approach.

Of course, this is subject to change depending on where the stone will be used. If it is used for something like the backsplash, make sure the material surrounding it can contrast it to provide variation in that area of your kitchen.

Pick Complementary Colors

Natural stone can come in all different shades of white, gray, and black. There are also some rare ones that would feature gold cracks that would stand out quite elegantly. These may be neutral, so just about any color for the overall kitchen would work, but be mindful of the tone.

Bright reds and oranges may be a little too different from the natural stone. This isn’t to say that you need to go with a blue-gray or plain white color paint for your kitchen, though. Hues that are a little more muted will surely look just as fine. 

Add a Few Displays 

One of the best ways of making your natural stone stand out is by intentionally drawing attention to it. If the natural stone material is by the wall, consider adding a few displays that would help it catch a few more glances. 

Many tend to put plants or recipe books to make the natural stone background come through a little bit more. Lighting may be key when framing the walls too. Go for something a little softer that would gently illuminate the features of the stone.


Following these steps should lead to natural stone being absolutely integral to your kitchen design. It would surely be one of a kind that would just stun family and friends who find themselves sharing a glass by your countertop.

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