Whenever you lay your eyes on a particular color, do you ever experience a sudden change in how you’re feeling? You’ll find that the same logic goes for walking into rooms with colored walls, tiles, and furniture. You can tend to feel calm, happy, or overwhelmed, depending on the color combinations you see!

Colors can make you feel a type of way because they can affect you psychologically, with or without your knowledge. They can make an impact on your mood and behavior that professionals took their time to discover what exactly the meaning is behind each color. As such, if you’re planning a home remodeling project soon, part of your renovation should involve selecting the right colors to fit any of your rooms perfectly.

Keep reading below to give you a better idea about some of the most well-known tile colors and the feelings they suggest.

Blue Tiles

Since your home serves as your safe space, you want to feel at peace at all times. Blue is the color you should use for your tile design to help you achieve a calm and tranquil setting. The color evokes serenity and comfort and reminds you of the sea.

The areas in your house that can benefit from blue tiles are your bedroom, bathroom, living rooms, or any space you can find yourself alone in and expect to feel serene every time. When you see the color blue, it encourages you to stay focused, reducing your heart rate and uplifting your productivity!

White Tiles

If you prefer a minimalist color that can make your space look larger, white is the right color for you. It exudes cleanliness and makes everything look pure and simple. The color can brighten up any room and even encourage a new beginning.

Just make sure you don’t go overboard because adding too much white to a massive space can end up looking dull—so it’s best to include a few touches of color to liven it up. You can apply white in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen remodeling projects.

Orange, Gold, and Yellow Tiles

You can enhance any space in need of color and light using orange, gold, and yellow shades. The three colors can inspire happiness, creativity, and success, leaving you energized once you walk into a room, and the colors are the first thing you see. 

Orange can improve a space that needs a little splash of color, yellow reminds you of the sun, and gold has recently made a comeback in modern design for its brazen glamour. However, it will be best to maintain balance and only add the colors in small portions, like for kitchen backsplash tiles. 

Green and Turquoise Tiles

When you want colors that are easy to the eyes and lures you to rest because they offer soothing effects, green and turquoise should be your chosen colors. They can remind you of nature, keeping you safe, happy, and at peace.

With their healing effects, the two colors can fit almost any room, including your bedroom, bathroom, and living room. If you want to feel calm every time you enter the bathroom, you may wish to initiate a bathroom remodeling and apply shades of green and turquoise into your tile backsplash!


Colors have a way of making people feel differently. Whether you choose blue, white, yellow, green, or other kinds of shades, you have to make sure you have the right motive in mind. You should make careful decisions and choose the correct colors for each space you design, so your efforts won’t go to waste, and you can maximize any room to your advantage.   

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