The color of your grout will significantly influence the final look and overall design of your home interior. While it may just be a small portion of your home remodel project, it definitely has a lasting impact on your indoor aesthetic. As such, it’s essential to take your time and go through all your options carefully when choosing the right grout color. 

If you’re not sure how to correctly choose one, here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Refer to a Grout Color Sheet

If you’ve spent some time browsing around a home improvement store, then you’ve probably already encountered a grout color sheet lying around. Whenever you are shopping for tiles, try looking at the grout color sheet to give you an idea of the best possible color for the tiles you’re planning to buy. If possible, take a copy of the color sheet home so you can test how it will look with the tiles in the actual room you’re about to install it to. 

  • Complement Tile Design With the Color of Your Grout

As a general rule of thumb, grout color should always complement the color of the tiles you’ve chosen. This can help make your tiles have a cleaner and more seamless appearance. 

If you chose an intricately patterned tile design, then you should base your grout color on the tiles’ dominant color. Whatever tile design you selected will stand out since the grout just disappears behind all the patterns!

  • Create Contrast for a Unique Look

Another approach you can take is to create contrast between the grout and tiles. If you don’t like the seamless look, and instead accentuate the tiles’ pattern and spacing, then using grout color to create contrast is a good option as well. 

An example of this is in the use of hexagonal tiles in your kitchen. If you chose a white hexagonal tile, then a dark-colored grout will make all the shapes stand out. The same goes for dark-colored tiles with a light-colored grout. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors and shapes of your tiles and grout!

  • Consider the Size of Your Grout

Grout size is almost as important as the color that you choose. It will ultimately decide how much of that color will be seen and how it will complement your tiles. They can either disappear or stand out, depending on how tight the spaces are between the tiles. As such, if you choose a tile that requires tighter spaces between them, then it’s best to select a grout shade that’s a bit closer to the tile color.

  • Get a Good Tile Contractor

Improper grout application can have a huge influence on the final look of your home. That’s why it’s important to hire a contractor that knows how to apply grout evenly and consistently! Imagine having a ceramic tile countertop installation then end up with uneven grout that obviously protrudes and disrupts the tile’s aesthetic. It would not work out, causing you to have it redone by some other installer!

Choose a professional tile contractor to ensure that your grout color stands out the way it should be.


Choosing the right grout color to go with your tiles will ultimately determine how good your bathroom or kitchen looks. By applying contrast and colors that complement each other, your tile installation will undoubtedly become a success. The only thing left to do is to hire a professional contractor to execute your aesthetic vision.

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