Nothing’s more thrilling than a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Although it’s pretty fun to build your mood board and compile different looks to integrate into your space, there’s no doubt that choosing elements, like tiles, can be pretty overwhelming. 

Tiles can truly impact a space, seeing as they’re both an aesthetic and functional element for any room. AWhen it comes to choosing tiles, another aspect you need to consider which could make or break the whole look of your space is your grout color. 

If you’re thinking of breathing new life into your kitchen or bathroom and want to switch up the tiles in the area, keep reading. Here’s a quick guide to choosing a grout color that would perfectly match your tiles and the visuals of your room. Let’s take a look!

Note #1: Using White Tile and White Grout

Using white tile and white grout can give your surface a uniform aesthetic as both elements would blend seamlessly together. So if you’re going for a minimalist and clean look, going for the white-white look can be your best bet. But if you want to draw attention to your walls or flooring, maybe going for colored tiles and complimenting grout colors will do the trick. 

Although white tiles and white grout can give you a subtle and cleaner look, you should note that this color combination isn’t forgiving when it comes to discoloration and stains, requiring you to take extra maintenance and upkeep.

Note #2: Using Light Tiles with Dark Grout

When you pair dark grout with light-colored tiles, the grout can end up being the focus of the tiles, providing you with a bolder aesthetic. With that, the grout enhances the shape and color of the tiles, giving your space more visual playfulness. 

However, you should still be mindful of what tiles you use since it can still give an off-look in your space if you don’t consider the room’s visual balance. With that, if you’re getting a kitchen or bathroom remodel and what to play around with contrast, it’s best to stick with black and white dominant hues. 

Note #3: Playing Around With Colored and Vibrant Tiles are Tricky

If you’re using white or black tiles, grout colors are pretty straightforward. But when you infuse some colored and vibrant tiles into the mix, things can get a bit complicated. 

Seeing as you’re dealing with vibrant and loud colors, you might want to keep this simple trick in mind: light grout can help your tile pattern stand out, while darker grout will give your tiles a softer look. 

Note #4: Know Your Grout Size

Finally, an aspect you should consider when choosing your grout besides the color is your grout size, since this can make your grout line stand out or disappear.

Of course, when you have a tighter space, small grout lines are ideal. If you have a bigger space, you can play around with your grout lines, giving you a more exciting look.

The Bottom Line: Your Tile and Grout Choices Can Make or Break the Aesthetics of Your Room

Whether you get a kitchen or bathroom remodel, your choices of tiles and grout can truly make your space. With that being said, our guide can help you choose which grout colors would work best for you, allowing you to breathe in new life and dimension into your rooms. 

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