Have you ever been in interior spaces that just felt off? Maybe it induced a feeling of uneasiness or anxiety, and you couldn’t quite put your finger on why. Well, it could have been the colors and decorations of the space. Color can tremendously impact how we feel, think, and act.

Choosing the perfect tile color for a space can be exciting and daunting. Carefully consider the desired atmosphere of the room and take the time to explore all the options available. Make sure the tile you pick matches the space and makes you feel comfortable.

Consider Color Psychology

In general, different shades of colors can impact our emotions. Red tones tend to evoke strong feelings, both positive and negative, while blues often make us feel relaxed. However, blue can also bring out a sense of sadness.

Colors can influence our emotions and reactions without us being aware of them. For example, when we see certain colors, we tend to have a certain reaction to them. This reaction can be either positive or negative depending on the color and our past experiences. We may not always consider why we feel at a certain point, but the color still affects us.

By exploring the general emotions associated with various colors, we can use this information to decide which tile to choose for a particular project.

  • Orange: Orange is a great color for a space that needs energy. Choose brighter shades of orange for smaller applications like kitchen tile, and use lighter shades of orange with pink and yellow accents for an exciting atmosphere. 

Combine apricot orange with deep grays and browns for a calmer but cozy atmosphere.

  • Red: Red tile can create a range of emotions depending on its use. Darker reds evoke leadership, courage, and vigor, while lighter pinks and reds are associated with love, passion, and joy. Too much red or too bright of a red tile can create a look of danger or anger, so be sure to balance it out with other colors.
  • Green: Green tile is versatile and calming, with shades ranging from olive to yellow-green to aqua. It symbolizes nature, harmony, growth, and freshness and can be used in various settings to create a peaceful atmosphere. Use green in a mosaic tile backsplash for a relaxing bathroom, and add blue greens as accents for an even more soothing atmosphere.
  • Yellow: Yellow tile can evoke many emotions, from energy, intellect, joy, and happiness to anxiety and overwhelm. Choose the right shade of yellow to balance joy and anxiety. Soft, light yellow is perfect for a fresh, joyous feeling; bright yellow is optimistic and deep yellow is associated with sophistication. Avoid dull yellow, which is associated with caution and sickness. Use yellow tile sparingly; use it as an accent color to get the mood-boosting effects without it being overwhelming.
  • Purple: Purple tile can create a luxurious and sophisticated look, or a soft and soothing atmosphere, depending on the shade. Dark purple works well with silver and crystal accents, while light purple pairs nicely with aqua. Mid-tone purple looks great, with mustard yellow for a more lively feel.

In Closing

When selecting a color for your home, consider how you feel about it. If the color evokes a sense of stress or discomfort, then you should avoid it. Decorating your home should be an enjoyable experience, so make sure to pick something you are comfortable with.

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