Are you in the process of renovating the flooring in your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway? If you still haven’t decided on which tile material to use, consider porcelain tiles. It’s a durable material and can withstand lots of foot traffic. Check out this guide to learn what to look for in porcelain tiles.

1. Size

The size of the tiles will depend on where you plan to use them. If you want to use it in your kitchen or bathroom, go for a tile that’s smaller than 9 inches by 9 inches. This is because you’ll need to cut the tile to fit the space.

If you want to use the tiles in your entryway or as floor tiles in a larger room, consider using a larger size. You can fit these tiles right into the floor with no cutting involved.

2. Grade

The grade of a porcelain tile determines the manufacturing process. A tile with a higher grade is more durable and less likely to break when used in high-traffic areas. It’s usually denoted with numbers ranging from 1 to 5. The higher the number, the better the quality. The best choice for your home should have a grade of 5.

Do take note that the grade will also determine the price. Many people want the thinnest grade one tile, which is the most expensive. These tiles generally look the best, but you can still find high-quality grade two and three tiles.

3. Texture

Porcelain tiles are made from clay, which is fired at high temperatures, so it becomes hard. Afterward, the tiles are baked again to form a glossy finish. The glossy finish is what makes the tile look glossy and smooth. The texture in the tiles is also created during this process.

There are two types of textures for porcelain tiles – smooth and textured. The smooth tiles can look either “crazed” or “embossed.” Crazed tiles are small dimples in the finish. It can make your tiles look like a quilt or a puzzle piece. Embossed tiles look like tiny hills on the surface, while the crazed ones look like valleys.

The textured tiles are usually more affordable, but they can also make your tiles look like they’re covered with fine sand.

4. Wear Rating

The wear rating of a porcelain tile describes how many layers of glaze the tile has. This will determine the material’s resistance to wear and tear. If you live in a humid area and your floor will be exposed to a lot of moisture, choose a tile with a high wear rating. It will resist moisture and stains better.

The best choice for most homes is a tile with a wear rating of 24/24. This indicates that both it’s top and bottom layers have a wear rating of 24.

5. Color

Porcelain tiles come in all sorts of colors. Their color will depend on the manufacturer. The most common color is white, but you can also choose from off-whites, beiges, grays, and blacks.

You can choose a tile with a bold color if you want to give a modern touch to your home. However, you might want to choose a neutral color if you want to balance the design elements in your home.

6. Patterns

Porcelain tiles have different designs, which include dots, stripes, and floral patterns. You can choose these options if you want to add an interesting touch to your home.

These tiles are versatile, meaning they look good in both modern and classic homes. They’re also a popular option to use in home renovations. If you want to replace your old tiles with new flooring, this material is one of the most popular choices.

7. Installation

Porcelain tiles are considered to be easy to install. They’re usually light, so you can carry them one by one. Standard sizes make it easy to lay them down. However, take note that the tiles can’t be nailed down, so you have to use an adhesive to hold them down to the floor.

If you want to use the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, be sure to choose slip-proof tiles. This will prevent you from slipping. You also have to make sure that the tiles are waterproof to prevent problems with water standing on the surface.


Getting new tiles for your home will make your home look brand new. It’s a quick and easy home improvement. Even if your budget is small, you still have the option to change your flooring. Porcelain tiles are affordable and versatile, so you can use them in different areas of your home.

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