For many of us homemakers, the kitchen has become our safe haven. Here’s a special area in the house where we can share the warmth with our loved ones, or simply have alone time with ourselves. It’s no surprise that we find ourselves tending to the aesthetics of our cabinets, backsplash, and how everything must flow together and be coordinated to create a genuinely magnificent kitchen.

Perhaps, when it comes to a kitchen remodel, you have to invest a little more time and money in matching the backsplash with the color of your cabinets. At first, you may be shocked to learn that the countertop and cabinetry are typically the most expensive and visible aspects of a kitchen design. Then the kitchen backsplash, on another note, is crucial during the remodeling process. To create a unified look, cabinetry should be designed to complement the backsplash.

Before you find yourself at a loss, read on to discover the different ways you can achieve your dream kitchen!

Matching the Cabinets and the Backsplash

When refinishing Scandinavian cabinets, go with a minimal backsplash, like a subway tile design. It looks great with conventional kitchen cabinets, especially when the cabinet colors are used to draw attention to the backsplash.

Using Cabinets to Add Contrast

Color contrast is both alluring and awe-inspiring, and this style is considered mostly by individuals who wish to stand out. It’s always fun to add tones to your kitchen with a high-contrast backsplash and two-tone cabinets or a brightly painted cabinet island. Consider using contrasting colors such as black and white or beige and scarlet. Straight or curved backsplashes can be used to generate design tension while remaining unobtrusive.

Styling with Neutral Hues

Neutral colors and shades have a long-lasting attraction and are best for lighter cabinet options with a darker backsplash and countertop. You may also choose brightly-colored kitchen design pieces to stand out against the plain background. Whites, beige, light grey, and blues are all excellent selections.

Add Color with Two-Tone Fashion

To add color to your kitchen cabinets, paint the island another color than the backsplash. Colors should complement the woodwork on the kitchen cabinets while accentuating the island. The island will act as a focal point, inviting people to congregate around it.

Go Modern

A conventional kitchen gets a fresh lease of life by mixing modern styles. With this, you can select a color for the base cabinets and a different color for the upper cabinets. A third color that coordinates with both the upper and lower cabinets should be used for the backsplash and countertop.

Designing with Patterns

Why not spend some time experimenting with different shapes and patterns? Colors and tints can be chosen to complement newly refinished cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other color aspects in the room. Additionally, shapes and patterns can help to make a space more personal. For example, mosaic backsplash tiles are one of the most popular kitchen patterns right now. 

Consider Backsplash Grouting

Consider the color of the grout between the tiles when constructing your kitchen. A colored grout would look great if your subway tiles are white. While white grout gives the appearance of seamless tiles, matching the grout color to your cabinets may help connect the space together.


When it comes to matching your cabinets with your backsplash, there are now a myriad of styles to do it. From traditional looks to modern design, you can achieve your dream kitchen easily! Simply take note of these tips before you begin your kitchen remodeling project for your home.

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