Marble is a resilient material usually used for flooring, wall cladding, and countertops. Aside from its durability, its beauty is just something that will elevate your home’s aesthetics.

If you are planning to use marble for some parts of your house, there are some things you should know before buying. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Watch Out for Fake Marble

Counterfeit marble is one of the most common things in this industry. Some fraudsters would simply use plaster to fill the core, then seal it with a marble veneer. Another famous trick is to apply a marble veneer to spray-on concrete. These fakes are very prominent in the market, and it will be challenging to tell them apart from the real thing.

Plaster, concrete, and stone can never provide the benefits of marble, so buy marble only if you are confident that it is authentic.

2. Choose the Marble Classification You Prefer

There are many types of marble, but you should know that although all of them are natural, not all are the same. Notably, there are three classifications of marble that you can use for your home.


Breccia is a hard rock made of different types of stone, connected by lava. This type of rock is usually used for flooring and wall cladding.


This is often used for countertops and wall cladding. Calacatta is mined in the mountains of Carrara, Italy, and is known to be one of the most quarried types of marble in the world.


This marble is usually used for wall cladding and flooring. Carrara is known for its buff color and distinctive veining. It is mined in the mountains of Carrara in northern Italy.

3. Consider the Colors

Marble is often seen as a beautiful and elegant material. It has a very diverse array of colors and patterns, so you will have a challenge picking which you prefer. Certain colors can go well with your home.

To help you better understand the various colors, here are some popular marble varieties:


This marble is used for home accents such as mirror frames or the fireplace mantle. It is also a smart choice for the bathroom because it is easier to maintain and clean.


Ivory is commonly used for kitchen islands because of its warm color. It is also a smart choice for the kitchen and the living area walls.


Beige has a warm and golden color. Beige can be used as an accent or as the primary color, depending on how much light you want the stone to reflect.

Soft Pink

Soft pink is a popular choice for the bathroom and the entryway. Soft pink marble has a warm and delicate color, making it excellent for home accents.

4. Select the Finishing You Like

There are two common ways of finishing marble. The first way is polishing marble, which is best for walls and flooring. Polished marble requires a lot of maintenance as it tends to stain.

The other way of finishing marble is honed marble, which is best for accent pieces such as tables and countertops. Honed marble is less expensive than polished marble, but it requires less maintenance.

Final Thoughts

In the end, choosing the marble for your home should never be an impulsive decision. Sometimes, we are easily seduced by the attractive colors and patterns of marble, but we should consider what’s best for our home and family’s needs before buying.

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