Whenever we imagine the interior of a bathroom, we frequently envision the marble appearance. It is because marble can bring a luxurious and elegant look to the bathroom. It is not only the stone that provides that elegance but also the way of installing it. It has a smooth texture which makes it more interesting to look at.

There are several ways of installing marble in the bathroom. It can be a floor, a countertop, or even a wall. If you have good luck with having a marble countertop in your bathroom, then you probably already know how amazing it can look. But you might also want to place marble in other spots of your bathroom. 

Here are a few beautiful bathroom ideas to incorporate marble material:

1) Make Marble Basins

If you want to beautify your bathroom, you can go for the marble basins. It is a simple touch, but it can give a lot of elegance to your bathroom. The marble can provide a smoother feel in washing and bathing. It not only gives you a luxurious appearance but also makes the bathroom seem a lot cleaner.

2) Have Marble Walls and Floors

Having marble walls and floors can give a more exquisite look to the bathroom. The white marble is an ideal choice for this because it can be combined with the dark color of the wood, the tiles, or any other hue you have in your bathroom. It will make the room feel a lot more spacious. Moreover, the marble itself feels smooth on the hands.

3) Create Backsplash Art

Having marble backsplash art will give an extra sophisticated look to your bathroom. It is an ideal spot to place the backsplash art since it can make the room look bigger. If you want to incorporate marble in your glass splash, you can use a marble mosaic. This can make your bathroom look more stylish than it already is.

4) Improve Bathroom Storage

Having marble in your bathroom can be utilized to spice up your storage space. When tiling the back of your bathroom cabinet, you can use marble instead of the normal materials. This is because it can make the features look more modern than usual. You can have marble shelves or drawers in the bathroom.

5) Have a Fancy Ceiling

When decorating your bathroom’s ceiling, you might want to use the marble material. The marble can provide a nice contrast with the other bathroom materials and make the top look like a piece of art. It can be the best addition to your bathroom and make your toilet room look more spacious and elegant.

6) Set the Mood and Drama

Having marble in your bathroom can establish the mood, and it makes the place more glamorous and comfortable. Marble is a very hard and cold material, so it can create a very dramatic scene in the room. It can be incorporated with candles because the candles and the marble can create a mesmerizing atmosphere in your bathroom.


Marble is a luxurious material, but it can also be used to create beautiful designs in your bathroom. With the help of the ideas mentioned above, you will surely love the outcome when you make a more luxurious and fancy-looking bathroom for yourself.

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