Is it time to remove tile grout? You probably have been putting this off for some time now because you think it’s a tedious process. The truth is, removing tile grout is easy and fast. Depending on the size of the tile field, you can simply allot an afternoon for it, and you’re done! 

There are a lot of reasons you need to remove old tile or grout. For one, the old grout may already be moldy to the point that you can’t clean it anymore. Another thing is that the existing grout color is no longer appealing and you want to change it. In some cases, the grout has already chipped and is already falling out. 

Removing old tile grout can be done manually, but you can also get an oscillating multi-tool to make the job faster. With this tool, you can remove 15 square feet of grout on 4×4 inch tile in an hour. So, that’s something you may want to consider. 

Here are simple steps to remove old grout: 

1. Get to It and Remove It

There are no other things you need to do when removing old grout, which means you don’t have to prep the surface or anything. All you need to do is put on your safety goggles and fit the oscillating tool with the right blade. 

Press the blade to the grout and just let the tool do its work. Make sure you don’t force it because the blade must easily chew through the grout. 

Also, don’t worry; the oscillating tool will not harm the tile because the grout is much softer than the tile. However, there is still a chance to damage the tile if you press too hard or too long. Always keep your eye on the blade while you remove grout. 

2. Grind at an Angle

When you have removed as much grout as possible, it’s time to gently angle the blade to remove more grout. Be patient with this and work slowly. You can support your arm on a toolbox, so you don’t get tired during the process. 

3. Use a Carbide Tip Grout Removal Tool

When you have done as much grout removal with the tool, it’s time to use a small carbide tip grout removal tool, which will fit into the joints and let you scrape out stubborn chunks of the grout. Knock out hunks that the tool wasn’t able to remove completely. 

4. Use a Utility Knife to Clean Up

It’s natural to still see bits of grout that will not come out. At this point, you can switch to a utility knife with a dull blade to take them out. 

5. Vacuum as You Go

It’s important you clean up the grout joints as you work with the use of a vacuum. Doing so will help you see what you’re doing and pull loose material out of the joints. Also, this helps minimize the amount of mess in the area! 

Ready for Fresher Tiles

Now that you have removed your old grout, perhaps you’re ready for new tiles for your San Rafael, CA home? If you are, we got you covered here at Miconi. 

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