Bathrooms are high-traffic areas in homes, so it makes sense that people prioritize this area for renovations. A bathroom is where you relax, find time for yourself, and psych yourself up or unwind after a long day. After this incredible roller coaster of a year, most people are ready to say goodbye to 2020 and are hopeful 2021 brings better things.

Welcome the new year with a bathroom remodel, incorporating a stylish aesthetic with lasting trends. Here are some ideas if you’re giving your home an update.

It’s the year for combining styles

These days, bathrooms can be in more colors than white or beige. People are more willing to use bold, busy patterns in their rooms; in 2021, this means bringing the natural world into your bath with intricate, nature-inspired murals and vintage installations. 

Victorian roll-top baths are making a comeback next year and will have a modern update. We will have sleek alcoves and bright tiles, but with touches and accents that call back to past eras.

Pampering and comfort at the fore

Apart from incorporating nature as a focal point, bathroom designs need specialized areas and storage space. Luxurious fixtures like waterfall showerheads or walk-in showers can replace bulky units, which gives the room a streamlined, spa-like look. Overall, the design choices should form a rich, sensory experience with materials that emulate the outdoors, creating a space perfect for “cocooning.”

A person can fully enjoy cocooning in a bathroom that allows them to linger. Scented candles, massaging showerheads, and a hydrotherapy-enabled tub can help people settle in for a night of comfort and leisure.

Think warm and minimalist

Today’s minimalist bathrooms are warmer and less sterile, but the focus is still on visual editing. Keep the bathroom feeling open by frequently taking stock of the amenities. Hang towels on bars and hooks, and use plain cloth, especially if your walls are textured or patterned. Use a wall-mounted or pedestal sink rather than a vanity, and install a clear glass door instead of a shower curtain.

The color palette for 2021 leans toward greens and earthy tones like sage, beach glass, terracotta, caramel, and biscuit. Use wood and tactile finishes that put life into the room. If you plan to have a ceramic, quartz, or granite countertop installation, contrast it with a material like wood, which softens the look and makes the space more inviting.

Do not skimp on lighting

One thing that is certainly not minimalist is lighting. Use outsized and glamorous central lights, and do not be afraid to go for statement lighting pieces. Sizeable chandeliers and drum pendants are in vogue, as well as large floor lamps. If you want, you can install more sensible backups like recessed lighting when you want a less dramatic look.

Install smart measures and automation

Technology has made shopping, studying, and working online convenient. Today, some innovations help improve your home life as well. Consider de-misting mirrors, bidet-wash and heating-capable toilets, automatic hand-wipe sensors, and LED temperature displays in your home. Your bathroom is a place that helps you relax, so you might as well go all-out!


The close of a year is an excellent time to plan a renovation and remodel. When considering a bathroom update, think warm and minimal—do not shy away from bold leaf patterns, intricate wood grain, or luxurious marble or granite counters, but pare down the fixtures and use monochromatic rugs and towels. Hire an experienced contractor to help you turn your vision for your room into a reality.

From concept to construction, let Miconi handle your bathroom remodel for you. We serve the San Rafael, California area, among several others. Our combined 60 years’ experience in tile and stone installation helps us deliver high-quality results for both residential and commercial projects. Contact us today for more information!