When thinking about a home renovation project, the kitchen is often the most remodeled. There are many ways to take on this project, such as installing a kitchen island, having marble countertops, adding new appliances, and resorting to cabinetry or open shelving. However, did you know that a backsplash plays a crucial role in your kitchen’s overall appearance? Not only does it make your kitchen aesthetically appealing, but it also protects your walls from potential cooking disasters!

If you want to take on a kitchen remodel project, here are five backsplash types that will help enhance its appeal:

High and vast backsplash

When you think of a backsplash, it likely conjures an image of a panel on your kitchen wall and behind the kitchen sink. This only makes sense as it serves to protect your walls from splashes. However, did you know that you can go as high as you can with your backsplash? Modern kitchens now have large and colossal panels spreading across the walls. If you’re looking to adopt this trend into your space, then this type can be your best bet.

Subway tiled backsplash

As the name suggests, subway tiles look like a subway on your kitchen walls, and they make the best design for a backsplash. But when it comes to design, be sure to veer away from the regular pattern and opt for an elaborate herringbone pattern for an elevated look instead. Another design approach is to ensure that the subway tiles are vertical rather than horizontal to take your kitchen wall up a notch!

Glass tiled backsplash

Glass tiled backsplashes are one of the best options for homeowners because they are notable for their translucent and reflective surfaces. What sets them apart from other materials is their capability to add more depth to your wall and kitchen in general. However, when installing one, be sure to factor in the amount of natural and artificial light in your kitchen to ensure that the panels complement your existing kitchen decors. Ultimately, this backsplash type can make your kitchen look elegant and classy.

Mosaic backsplash

A mosaic backsplash is one of the most common types installed in many kitchens. When it comes to this, you have a variety of options to choose from, such as flowers, an ocean scene, or even a sidewalk café––you name it, and most manufacturers will have it! You just have to consider the pattern that works for your kitchen.

Metal backsplash

Have you ever thought about heavy metal for your backsplash? Not only will it look modern, but it will also give your kitchen a sophisticated look. Just make sure that you opt for stainless steel or copper so that it won’t become rusty or dirty over time. Ultimately, a metal backsplash can give your kitchen a modern edge over other homes in your neighborhood!


At this point, you now have some amazing options for a backsplash, such as high and vast, subway tiled, glass tile, mosaic, or metal backsplash. To that end, be sure to consider all the valuable information discussed above, and look at your existing kitchen to see which particular type is best suited for it. Ultimately, the right panel selection will make a difference in your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and overall functionality!

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